28 Mar 2024

Healthy food consumers are increasingly seeking personalized nutrition, favouring fresh foods that promise well-being.

A Deloitte survey underscores this trend, with 91% of consumers affirming that fresh food is fundamental to a healthy diet. Over 80% associate fresh meals with weight management, and 83% believe that unprocessed foods can mitigate the risk of chronic diseases.

The grocery store is evolving into a portal for preventive health, with 90% of consumers reporting that fresh food contributes to their happiness, highlighting the adverse effects of ultra-processed foods on mental health.

The demand for personalized nutrition is growing, with eight in ten shoppers desiring tailored dietary options, marking an 18% increase since 2021. 

Despite widespread recognition of the benefits of nutritious eating, obesity and chronic diet-related diseases continue to climb, indicating a disconnect between aspirations and actual health outcomes.

The key to bridging this gap may lie in enhancing the convenience and affordability of nutritious foods. As the craving for better-for-you options grows, addressing these challenges could catalyze a shift in dietary habits and lead to a healthier population.

Cre: Fitt Insider

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