Flow with Primal Series: Introducing Animal Flow® Technique

29 Jun 2022

This Workout Will Have You Channeling Your Inner Animal.

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow® is a trademarked bodyweight training program developed by Mike Fitch that focuses mostly on ground-based activity. It incorporates animal-inspired movements that promote core stability & strength, joint strength, & body awareness without the need of any training equipment.

In short , the workout features a structured series of animal-style locomotion that are linked together to form a flow.

The science-backed benefits of practicing Animal Flow® movements

In the past few years, multiple peer-reviewed, published research studies have found benefits from using the Animal Flow program specifically.

Eve Kabanova, an ex-professional athlete, who also holds a Masters Degree in Physical Culture and Sport, her recent study about the benefits of Animal Flow has shown a notable increase in physical abilities, such as: static and dynamic balance, shoulder and spine mobility, and explosive power abilities. Additionally, all participants said that it was a pleasure for them to explore Animal Flow, noting that it was much more interesting than any other fitness program they had tried previously.

Another new study at Chung-Ang University, Korea, conducted by Ko Young-Woo has emerged that looks at the effects of Animal Flow practice on pain and core stability of e-sports players. Around ⅓ of competitive gamers report low back pain, ranking it the number one site of musculoskeletal pain for players. 

It’s beneficial for everybody & you don’t have to be super mobile to do it. You can work within your range, the more you practice your flow, the more mobility & range of motion you’ll get.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Am I too old / young / big / small / weak for Animal Flow?

It can be tempting to compare yourself to others and it’s nice to have people to look up to, but this really is about you. Focus on your own journey, be proud of what you can do each day, and have fun.

Animal Flow movements can be modified to suit your existing fitness level and take into account a wide range of physical limitations. 

2. Will it hurt my wrists?

In the same way that your muscles need to gradually get used to the healthy stress of unfamiliar movements, so do your wrists and hands. While it can be normal to experience some slight wrist discomfort at first, many Flowists experience nothing more than fatigue.

Beginning and ending each practice with Wrist Mobilizations is important for wrist care. So is gradually increasing your exposure to the ground.

And, of course, when embarking on any new exercise routine, it’s always important to seek medical clearance particularly if you’re concerned about a pre-existing condition.

3. Where can I learn the movements?

Something that’s just as important as finding the right physical environment for your practice is finding the right social environment. Animal Flow is an international program with many regional leaders in many countries, you can look for the most nearby Animal Flow official community group.

4. I can’t do handstands. Can I still practice Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is meant to be accessible to individuals from almost all skill levels. If you’ve seen people thrive in their flow with advanced techniques, they’ve been practicing for many years. You don't need to have their skill level to begin your own practice! The entry level and beginner level flows will have you start out at the beginning, learning how to properly support your own bodyweight while having your hands and feets on the ground. You'll progress from there at your own pace.

In conclusion, Animal Flow is a great technique for anyone that wants to maximize their potential performance, both the mind and body.

Primal Performance Lab is proud to be the first boutique gym in Vietnam that provides Animal Flow training sessions with Animal Flow Certified Coaches/Instructors that helps you flow in a sure-fire way to be challenged, and supported by the ones who know the fine details. We deliver big groups, team sessions & private training 1 on 1 for anyone who wants to start their Flow journey. 

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