27 Dec 2023

Primal’s Performance Group Combat isn’t just a regular Combat session, it's a holistic approach to achieving your full potential. It combines developing a resilient mindset, eating healthily, focusing on rest, and embracing the joy of martial arts. This program is about more than just physical strength – it's about personal growth and excelling in your favorite martial art.

The Primal Approach: Combining Lifestyle with Martial Arts Mastery

At Primal, we understand the profound impact of martial arts. It's not only about acquiring skills but about realizing your true potential. Our Performance Group Combat connects you to a comprehensive training experience that extends beyond regular workouts.

Our skilled coaches are more than instructors; they’re guides to better performance and achieving your personal best. By integrating our advanced Corner device for progress tracking, we ensure a training experience that is both evolving and rewarding, all monitored through our specialized data dashboard.

Our innovative program includes diverse combat exercises using equipment like gloves, pads, bags, and ropes. Tailored for those seeking a balanced, effective training regimen, here’s what we provide:

50-Minute Effective Classes: Our sessions are designed to maximize your time, emphasizing the development of your strength, speed, and technique.

Focused Daily Themes: Our classes, whether in boxing, kickboxing, or Muay Thai, focus on specific skills and techniques to help you improve in your chosen martial art.

Small Group Settings: We limit our classes to six participants, ensuring personal attention and enough room for everyone.

High-Quality Equipment: We use only the best gloves, pads, bags, ropes, and aqua bags.

Diverse Training Plans: Our workouts change weekly, keeping your training journey exciting and engaging. Achievable Benefits: Empowerment, Skill Enhancement, and Progress.

Here’s what you can achieve when joining Performance Group Combat:

Enhanced Power: Increase your strength in punches and kicks.

Quicker Speed: Develop faster reaction times and agility.

Technique Refinement: Improve your martial arts techniques for better performance.

Step into Primal Performance Group Combat, where lifestyle blends with skill development, and where pursuing excellence is part of everyday life. Your journey to improvement starts here.

We're rolling out the mats for EVERYONE with complimentary 2-week Performance Group Combat trials this January, but space is limited. Message us to claim your place in the circle!

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