How to achieve muscle health and a personal best?

05 Apr 2023

Let's be real, no one likes feeling sore or fatigued after a tough workout, especially when you have to get back in the game the next day. That's where Coolmit comes in!

Are you ready to kick your workouts up a notch? Well, hold on to your gym bags because Primal Performance Lab is about to revolutionize your fitness game with Coolmit technology. This game-changing technology can help boost your athletic performance and accelerate muscle recovery.

What is Coolmit?

The fact is, as your muscles work, they create heat.

As the heat rises, natural circuit breakers within your muscles activate and your muscle activity begins to slow. You feel this process as fatigue and the sensation of “muscle burn" causing you to stop because your body prioritizes muscle health over achieving that new personal best.

Coolmit technology combines cooling and compression to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation while increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles.

Fitness Hangovers Are Real. Here's How to Deal with Them

Here's how it works:

1. The CoolMitt™ device chills water to the ideal cool-but-not-too-cold temperature and circulates it to a cooling pad where you have placed your hand. The palms of your hand are like radiators that exchange heat through the patented CoolMitt™ interface.

2. This process quickly cools your blood, sending it directly to your heart and from there out to your muscles.

Within seconds, you will begin to reduce your muscle temperature, and your performance will improve immediately.

You can finally say goodbye to those days when you could barely make it up the stairs after a leg day. Using Coolmit between sets can actually help increase the performance of your next set, perform at your best during each and every set.

Why does Primal choose Coolmit for our gym?

Cause we are all about pushing the limits and achieving our fitness goals!

This April, by integrating Coolmit technology into the Primal Performance Lab facility, we're excited to be leading the charge and bringing this cutting-edge technology to our clients. We believe Coolmit is the key to unlocking your full athletic potential, and we can't wait to see what you can achieve with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Come check out our workouts and experience the power of Coolmit for yourself. Your muscles will thank you!

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