About Primal

What is Primal Performance Lab?

Primal Performance Lab is a total-body facility with group workouts focused on Strength – Combat – Movement training, we combine data science with state-of-the-art fitness technology, and professional coaching to guarantee clients’ maximum performance from the inside out.
Also, we’re a judgment-free zone. Trainers motivate, coach, and inspire.

What is the club opening time?

6AM - 9PM every day. And yes, including weekends!

What’s a Primal class like?

It's 50 minutes of fun while burning calories with those sexy aqua bags, sweating beneath those cutting-edge yoga infrared panels, and viewing your performance stats DISPLAY LIVE ON LARGE SCREENS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU with our performance tracking wearables. Lots of exercises, and high-fives with our world-class and Animal Flow certified coaches.

What is the Primal studio experience like?

STRENGTH floor : Walk into a spacious floor geared with our Rogue equipment, the world’s top strength and conditioning brand. Take in the aromatic scented room that will help put you in top performance mindset. Strap on Primal’s heart rate monitor wearable, watch your real time numbers on the wall or screens, and go get it!

COMBAT floor: The Aqua bag blood red light show transforms you into beast mode (and makes for great Instagram photos!). Get those hands wrapped, strap on Primal’s punch tracking wearables and watch your numbers climb on our LED screen wall. Prefer to rock it in the boxing ring? Go for it! It’s got an amazing outdoor view while you’re going at it.

MOVEMENT floor: Get ready to experience our infrared yoga panels. Recover the bones and joints, let the infrared penetrate your skin 3cm deep, watch and feel your body detox and beautify. A selected relaxing aroma fills up the room while you are rockin’ the Yin & Yang energy.

And our MUSE INC. installed sound system is always pumping!

What are technologies used at Primal?

Tracking devices we use at Primal are unique heart rate monitors – it doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifting. It measures the effort put in by your heart, with 99.4% accuracy the same level of accuracy as an ECG heart rate monitor, as used by health professionals.

We even equip Punching Trackers. Yes, that’s right, don’t be surprised to see the number of punches you’ve thrown in Primal COMBAT classes!

State-of-the-art infrared Panels are installed and ready for your recovery and detoxing use at the top floor. Current research points to the extreme benefits of Far-infrared Therapy in :

Heart health
Cancer reduction and healing
Improvement of arthritis
Pain reduction
Sleep issues
Skin disturbances
Cellular reproduction
And more…

To put the cherry on top, owning wearable devices at Primal comes with our complimentary custom built personal digital Dashboard. What else motivates more than seeing your progression metrics after every class and getting detailed weekly/monthly reports in your inbox for your physical performance?

What equipment do we use at Primal?

For the Strength floor, we focus on total body training with floor equipment including Rogue dumbbells, benches, medicine balls, Onnit kettlebells, steel gymnastic rings, TRX trainers invented by U.S Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, and WeckMethod BOSU Elite trainer units. That’s all you need to look and feel like a Greek god.

The Combat floor is broken up into 3 areas:

Our water-filled Aqua Bags area built for your knockout punches.
Twin Special Banana Bags area setup for your kickboxing/Muay Thai needs.
The Primal Combat Boxing Ring ready for your Rocky Balboa moments.

Don’t have gloves, shinpads, hand wraps ? All good. Use our communal Twins Special gear or get yourself Twins Special X Primal branded gears at the merch shop or on your Primal Performance Lab App.

Our Movement floor is equipped with communal yoga mats for your Yin and Yang energy needs and our vinyasa flow influenced movement sessions. The room is installed with TRX trainers, wooden gymnastic rings for the calisthenics exercises you are going to experience. And our state-of-the-art infrared yoga panels that will heal your body from head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

What amenities does Primal have?

You are gonna have to try our outdoor ICE BARRELS after your session, best for fast recovery and makes for great Instagram stories! Take a quick rinse behind the ice baths, then take a dip and recover that body!

Our changing rooms/bathrooms are fully stacked with complimentary towels for your workout and premium hand picked toiletry product needs from our head coaches.

Fill up your bottle with our professionally filtered and certified water-refilling stations. Bring your reusable bottle or buy one of ours.

Are you running out of energy? Then head to our Fuel Bar and get yourself an espresso/cappuccino or one of our delicious freshly made smoothies. Add in a scoop of our head coach's selected plant based protein.

The Merch Store. Well.. it’s not really a store but more like an area by the entrance to the studio where you can look at and buy our Primal branded gear. Check it out and buy our Merch !

The Hangout Lounge. Need to jump into a quick call? Need to get some work done on your laptop? Need this done before your workout or immediately after? You’ve come a bit early? You’re waiting for your Grab driver? Your mom & dad are calling? No sweat. Dart over to the hangout lounge area in the front to deal with your stuff.

Crush your workout, enjoy the Ice Bath, hit the shower, and treat yourself to a drink at the Fuel Bar.

About Classes

How do I book a class?

Book your first class by signing up to our Primal Performance Lab App (Check this dedicated step-by-step video on how to book a session : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhFbL7VR5lE&t=15s ) .

With the app you will be able to easily view schedules, and book sessions. We recommend booking a complimentary 30-minute starting point session first before you try a Private PT session or Small Group PT session.

Do you have a trial class?

Since our facility has such a limited footprint and cannot accommodate groups of more than 20 we offer trials at a nominal fee which is equivalent to our drop-in-day fee OR if interested in participating in our Small Group PT on a regular basis we allow you to book what we call our 30min Starting Point Sessions that you can book through our Primal Performance Lab App.

To learn more, we have a video on our pre-sale page. Just scroll halfway and you’ll find it: https://www.primalperformancelab.com/pre-sale

How early should I arrive before my first Primal session ?

Come 20 minutes early before each session. That will be enough time for you to get your trackers strapped on and your mindset clear for optimal performance.

Our team will also onboard you on how we do things here at Primal since it’s your first time at our facility.

If for some reason I miss a session, will I be able to reschedule it?

Yes you can save your session and reschedule it ONLY if you cancel the session on your app before it’s start time. Else you will be deducted for that booked session that you missed.

We recommend you to add it to your calendar as a reminder on your phone and/or laptop.

Can I work out if I’m injured or pregnant?

We advise that you check with your doctor beforehand. Our heart rate tracking is an excellent way to keep track of your intensity as your pregnancy progresses.

What kind of class do you have?

We have Team Sessions that can fill 15-20 people.

We have Small Group PT which are intimate sessions that do the custom programs and can fit a maximum of 6 people. You can book through our Primal Performance Lab App.

Team Sessions and Small Group PT schedules will be on our social media and website.

We also offer Private PT which is 1on1 sessions. After you have completed a complimentary 30min starting point session and have booked your package, you’ll be set to use the Primal Performance Lab App to book the coach of your choice on our Strength, Combat, or Movement floors.

Do you offer a CrossFit program?

Check out our Strength class descriptions on our website to learn more : https://www.primalperformancelab.com/the-workout

How many classes do you have every day/ schedule?

Check out our Schedule on our social media channels. Our schedule is subject to change from time to time.

I am only interested in Yoga/ Boxing. Do you have a package for it?

Our packages allow you access to every floor. We believe in the Primal Methodology and encourage everyone to give it a try. If you choose to stick to the combat and/or Movement floor, then that is quite alright.

Do you have the family package?

Yes, we do for our Private PT packages. Book a complimentary 30 min starting point session and our Fitness Manager will advise you on what’s best for you.

Do you have an off-peak hours package?

All memberships give full access hours dependant upon the group schedule. If training during off peak times and there are less participants you will receive more individualized attention from our coaches.

I want to lose weight/ burn fat. Which class should I join?

Check out our class descriptions on our workout page. Look for the KCAL icon. If you want to lose weight and burn, then all of those classes are for you.

How many people are in team class/ small group class?

The team is up to 15-20 depending on the class.

Small Group is maxed . These we want to keep more intimate so you have more attention from our coaches.

Do you have a callisthenics class?

Yes. Check out the Strength Skillz N Drillz sessions and Movement Skillz N Drillz sessions.

About Program Policy

Can I deposit to keep the promotion and pay in full when I start the package?

You must deposit a minimum of 50% of the total due for the promotion and it will allow us to hold the availability of the program for 14 days.

Can I have an installment payment?

We have Team recurring, Small Group PT recurring, and Private recurring Packages that have been created to allow customers to make monthly payments instead of one time payments. Team Recurring Monthly pricing is available on our website. Small Group PT recurring options and Private PT recurring options are available after your complimentary 30 min starting point session booking.

Can my package be pending if having a business trip, vacation, or injury?

If you will be out of town for an extended period of more than 10 days you may elect to put your membership on freeze to either extend your expiration by one month OR pay the freeze fee of 500k rather than incurring your normal monthly charge. Complimentary freezes are available on a case by case basis approved from upper management.

Can I transfer my package to anyone else?

Membership programs of all type are non-transferrable unless warranted and approved by upper management.

Can I share my package with my spouse/family/friends?

If you lock in our Family Private PT packages, then you are free to share your sessions to family members through your Primal Performance Lab App account.

Do you have any discount for group training?

Your best chance to get great deals is during our pre-sale campaign period. We highly recommend getting in on this now as these deals will be gone once our facility is open.

Do I have any benefit if I refer my friend?

Yes, we’ll be setting up a referral offer soon. Stay tuned.

Which deadline can the small class/ PT session be cancelled before starting?

You can cancel your group session up to 30 minutes before our session. start time without being charged for the session. Our PT sessions require 12-hour notice.

About Primal App

I never got my verification email?

No worries, we got you. Check these 3 solutions:

1) Give the server some extra minutes, but it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.
2) Open your spam/junk mail, 90% chance you'll find it there.
3) Check again if you’ve entered the correct email address?

To error is to be human, no need to feel bad.

Still haven’t found a Primal verification email anywhere? Drop us an email at [email protected] and someone will get in touch with you. Or use the contact tab on your app to reach out to us.

We’ll set you up correctly.

How do I book a class?

Check out our step-by-step on how to book a class tutorial video & you’ll master the art of booking at Primal in just a few seconds!


Can I join the class without downloading the app?

Yes you can but we highly recommend doing it through our app as our team will be bombarded with calls most of the time. It’s the worst when you call and no one picks up or you are put on hold. Trust us, download the app.

The purpose of Primal App is to simplify your class booking. Just a few taps to book your favorite Primal sessions.

Once we are a multi-million gazillion dollar business, we’ll create a call center tailored for those that may have a smartphone deficiency and/or allergy.

Okay, I downloaded the Primal app, and just booked my first team session, how do I pay?

Successfully book your first class at Primal? Perfect! Your spot is saved for the session.

Someone from our team will most likely give you a call, message, or email.

If not no worries, come 30 minutes before your session and let our receptionist know. You are in the system already. Pay for the one time drop-in fee or ask about our packages and our Fitness Manager will discuss with you what best fits your needs.

Else you can sort this all out with our receptionist or Fitness Manager after your workout if your session is about to start.
Check out this video to understand how we do at Primal when it comes to Private PTs and Small Group PTs.